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Mojo Talkin' - Under the Influence of Mod LTD RUN


Mojo Talkin' - Under the Influence of Mod 

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The follow-up to the critically acclaimed book 'Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices' (Shindig, Modculture, Vive Le Rock, Scootering, Street Sounds, Heavy Soul etc.)

Mojo Talkin' is an epic heavy hardback 510 page study of the wide-ranging and eclectic influence of Mod upon various individuals across the decades and, also, a series of - so far- largely uncovered areas. Complementing the earliest days of Mods and their inspirations and influences - from the fine details of their clothes to their evolving  tastes in music etc. - this work digs deep into the very soul of Mod. With a whole chapter 'Mod on Screen' by esteemed writer, Martin Gainsford, also included are sections on Mod Literature (Jason Brummell), Record Collecting (Paul Anderson, Samantha Stevens etc.), the contemporary Mod fanzines, the influence of the DJ, the Great British Soul Revival of the 80s, the Politics of Mod, Art, the European Mods, musicians, 21st Century Mods and much more. With a host of participants such as early Mods Mickey Modern, Stuaert Kingsley-Innes and Rob Nicholls and Mods from the sixties to the modern age, the changing attitudes, tastes and experiences of a wide collective of participants under the influence of Mod are captured in vivid detail. Acompanied with hundreds of captivating images, many never seen before, Mojo Talkin' is destined to be referenced for decades ahead.

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