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Outside View: the Secret Life of a Teenage Punk Rocker Andy Blade + SIGNED LP


Outside View: the Secret Life of a Teenage Punk Rocker Andy Blade

PLUS FREE SIGNED LP by Andy Blade 'Plastic Penny & the Strange Horse. (go to seperate Outside View pre-order link if require the CD edition)

This is a pre-order for the late Spring / early summer 2019 publication of Outside View by Andy Blade.

A 250 page hardback book, this is a large harback format and revised, revamped, expanded with a new design and photos inserted biography from Andy Blade

Covering the pre-punk years of Andy Blade's music and personal experiences, the formation, rise and fall of the youngest punk band, Eater , alongside the whole original punk era and beyond, this book includes inside stories on the whole burgeoning UK punk scene with exclusive photos of the era.

Features early Sex Pistols , Clash etc. gig accounts, meetings and anecdotes relating to most of the early punk bands and followers and inside experiences on the behind the scenes punk movement.

Book synopsis:

"Controversial, incisive & brutally honest – Outside View is original punk stalwart, Andy Blade’s inside view of a turbulent & raucous rock ‘n’ roll life. Chronicling his formative early years as a naive & inquisitive child of the early 70s & colliding in perfect timing with the advent of punk & his days with punk band, Eater & beyond, this is a no-holds barred highly personal account of life on the front line of music behind the scenes.

Explosive, darkly comic in places, scathingly observant & never flinching in telling it how it was, Outside View is both refreshing & illuminating in its delivery & style: evoking a life of sex, drugs & ripped ‘n torn rock ‘n’ roll with a vigour previously untapped. From Sparks & Be Bop Deluxe obsessions & schoolboy adventures to hanging out at punk Mecca, The Roxy … the highs & lows of a secret punk rock life speed by in an amphetamine blaze of euphoria, fun & the inevitable come down!"

The book will be available Spring 2019: all pre-orders paid for will be posted out prior to official publication and the first to recieve this book.

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