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Data Protection Information

Days like Tomorrow Books Data Protection Statement

Types of personal data we collect and use

If you become a customer, we will only use your personal data for the reasons set out below:

Name, address and email address

Records of products and services you've bought from us or inquired about and to address your product for posting. Once your item has been posted, your details will not be used for any other purposes. It will only be viewable by us on the original payment email or paypal transaction notification. We do not keep a retrievable document of customer address and contact details.

Monitoring of communications

Subject to applicable laws, we’ll monitor and record your emails, text messages and social media messages in relation to your dealings with us.

We’ll do this for when we need to see a record of what’s been said.

Using your personal data

(The legal basis & purposes we’ll process your personal data)

1. As necessary to perform our contract with you for your transaction.

2. As necessary for our own legitimate interests A. For accounting and managing our business operations. B. For analysing and developing statistics (Only actual product purchased and date of purchase, not the data of who has made the purchase).

Sharing of your personal data

Subject to applicable data protection law we will never share your personal data with anyone.

As required by the law

Payment systems to process payment transactions. We will not share your personal data with marketing companies or any other company for marketing purposes.

Retention periods of your personal data

If you do place an order with us , we will keep your data (via original email transaction) on our systems for no longer than 2 years to manage any queries and for our accounting reasons.

Data access request

You have the right to request access to your personal data we hold on our system. All requests must be made by you via our contact form on this website here and then via yourself in writing to the address that will be provided upon your request.

We will endeavor process your request within 30 days.

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