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Scootering magazine review

"An essential book; a seriously captivating and insightful tome."

“An impressionistic portrait: Mojo Talkin’ does a fine job at trying to encapsulate the many facets of the movement. For those wanting to get into the real nitty-gritty of the scene, I doubt there’s anything more extensive and intensive than this.” (Shindig Magazine)

"This book's strength is its amphetamine-driven telling of the fast-paced - and enduring - nature of mod. Mojo Talkin' is a must-read mod tome that will sit well upon the shelf of any neatly turned out mod." (Peter Jamachiak: Vive Le Rock magazine)

Readers Feedback

"A fantastic follow-up to the brilliant Sawdust Caesars." (Mark Benjamin Linnett)

"It was a pleasure to be asked to contribute to this wonderful publication, which is a testament to the broad church of modernism and which continues to fascinate & ignite imaginations." (Neil Sheasby - Stone Foundation)

“MOJO TALKIN' is full of passionate individual excerpts and treasured photos from either the contributors own transcendent moment or the effects on them of one of its ripples; from music, to scooters, to the clothing and so much more, all held together seamlessly by Tony's sparing and deft links. An essential purchase for the Mod book-shelf.” (Jason Brummell)

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“An invaluable resource of reference and historical relevance on the subject of Mod - Mojo Talkin'- Under the Influence of Mod, by Tony Beesley, is the essential read for Mods from all eras.” (Jayne Thomas)

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"Mojo Talkin' complements Sawdust Caesars beautifully. Excellent references and superbly laid out: high praises to the author." (Mark Hockney)

“Tony has done it again, thrilled with this book: Excellent stuff.” (Scarlett Baylis)

"Fantastic book. Fabulous quality & acres of mod talk, well done, Tony." (Mickey Modern)

"If you liked 'Sawdust Caesars' you'd better make sure you don´t miss this one. A really nice book that I´m enjoying a lot and will certainly take up a very special location on my shelf. Congratulations on such a good job Tony." (Jose Carlos Monge Saponi

“Just cannot recommend this book highly enough - every time

I dip in I am reminded of something or directed to something I may not have necessarily been aware of. It is truly a great achievement, 10/10 and some.” (Jason Disley)

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“A great addition to the literary record of the scene. Great work.” (Robert Coulman)

Mojo Talkin' is as insightful as it is entertaining. A wealth of anecdotes, photographs and recollections spanning the decades and the generations. It's an essential addition to the Mod library and the perfect companion to Sawdust Caesars. Bravo...!!” (Kev Harvey)

“Excellent job; all bases covered and an ideal companion to Sawdust Caesars.” (Ian Walker)

“A true Mod masterpiece.” (Stuart Catling) 

“Brilliant book...’unputdownable’, as the critics say!” (Steve Pilkington)

“Brilliant book: captures the history of mod style in great detail, a book to treasure.” (Deanna Fahy

“Tony has nailed it with this book: some amazing insights and intelligent, impassioned voices. An exhaustive, beautiful book that nails into place the profound impact and legacy of one hell of a street style cult... Mojo Talkin’ subverts and explodes much of the self-mythologising that can beset books offering testimonies of style cults. I’m knocked out by the quality of this phenomenal book.” (Mark Ellis)

“Absolutely brilliant: packed full of insight and inspiration, very impressed.” (Ed Silvester

“Fantastic! Love the content and presentation.” (Mark Windle)

   “Everything in this book touched me on a personal level. Not only is this book a brilliantly written, masterfully put together work of art, it's also an important book. It's important to me, as it defines all aspects of the Mod movement yet dares at times, to defy its structure. It gives answers but makes you want to question, to delve deeper into a way of life that is intrinsic to most mods. It also makes some profound statements about the past, the here and now and the future of Mods. Even if you don’t get mod, there is always that feeling of ‘...more than meets the eye’ which in turn makes it so interesting a read, that you want to find out more.

   This more-ness of a style, influence and attention to detail is at the heart of this book. That, ultimately left me filled with hope and sheer admiration for our scene along with the author, Tony Beesley, who has put this amazing book ‘Mojo Talkin’: Under The Influence Of Mod’ together… A superb classic in every way, that is for ‘GenerationX’ and beyond.” (Gary De’Roux)

“A book curated with love, full of recollections by folks who tell it like it was in their own words during those times. Highly recommended by me. Nice work Tony.” (Lester Owers)

“Another wonderful & worthy tome. Highlighting the depth of this thing of ours." (Jack White

“Mojo Talkin’ - Under the influence of Mod’ is a great read; getting in print the experiences, photos and influences of mods past and present: also, those that are still living the dream. It’s a modern book for the modern mod.” (Chris Rumbol)

“Have just crossed the finish line of Tony Beesley's huge compendium:"Mojo Talkin'" It really is a monster piece of work; the range of content is so broad that it almost forces the reader to look and think about elements of the past and present idea of modernism from different perspectives. This isn't done with brief glimpses - the level of detail and knowledge in some sections can lead you to think you've stumbled across a specialist book that has nailed exactly why you might love certain genres of film, literature or music etc. However, this isn't done by retreading the usual roads that lead to the Wikipedia definition of "mod"; boundaries are challenged - and individuality and progression are embraced (now, there's a concept!).

The personal accounts provide a lovely, informative balance - and make this both an enjoyable and important addition to mod literature.” (Bill Sullivan)

“From the first paragraph of the Intro, it's a great read.” (Ian McFarland)

Great job (Jesus Casus)

“Very well written with so much information. It certainly touched on so many personal memories. FABULOUS!” (Margaret Kerslake)

"I couldn't put the book down and started it again as soon as I finished it.10/10." (Jimmy Richardson)

“What a piece of cultural history. Encapsulates the scene perfectly.” (Colin Stevens)

“Stunning book, should be on everyone's bookshelf that has any interest in mod.” (Jason Taylor)

It's an honor for me to take part on this great and beautiful project. Thank you very much Tony! (Robert Abella Querol)

“Excellent work!” (David Riehl)

“This is a great read - a cultural tour de force!” (Andy Newsome)

“I can honestly say that it [Mojo Talkin’] was an amazing read. You really have added to the Mod canon in a brilliant way. You deserve any praise that comes your way for writing such an important book. “A brilliant piece of work.Well done.” (Martin Patten)

“I have finished reading the book [Mojo] and particularly enjoyed our local Bedford section, such an iconic read. Your research was impeccable and you have added to our collective knowledge of the 60 's Mod Era. Your book will be a “go to “reference text for future generations and essential reading for Mods everywhere.” (Geoff Lovell)

“What a Masterpiece.” (Memo Torfilli: Germany)

“A concise history of the times – the mood; the music, the fashions, indeed the essence of an era much talked about and envied by those not involved: a shining example to the Modernist Movement’s history.” (Jane Abbott)

“Mojo Talkin' provides an invaluable and absorbing window to the subculture often summarised as 'Clean living under difficult circumstances'. The sheer sense of freshness and immediacy gives Mojo Talkin' its distinctive quality.” (Karen Smith)

“Great insight into the whole scene back in the day - and yes there's a small contribution from yours truly in there. If you have not read this book yet go buy a copy.” (Peter Rickwood)

“Another iconic book from Tony. Many thanks’ for reminding me of my youth and those happy days!!!” (Roger Theobalds)

“With a Herculean effort you've only gone and produced another superb addition to discerning bookshelves up and down the country.” (Ian Pople)

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