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Lee Radforth (King Bee Club) - “One of the top three Mod books of all time.”

Carol McFee – “It’s fabulous’

"Thanks for getting the truth out there....good job done." - Lloyd Johnson (Original Mod)

Dennis Munday (Associate of The Jam & 60's Mod) – "It doesnt matter whether you are a first or second generation Mod, Sawdust Caesars is the book for you. Great stories, great photos and a true documentary on the Mods."

John Bentley (Original sixties Mod) - "The best Mod book so far - say no more"

"I dig this book." - Andy Crofts (The Moons)

"Tony writes with grit and humility, never sugar-coating or sentimentalising the story, just true accounts from people who were in and are in the scene.

Believe me once you pick this beauty up you will struggle to put it down - One for your Mod book shelves: Best Mod read IMO period! (Alan May Glory Boys radio show host)

Paul Anderson (Author of best seller 'Mods: the new Religion')”A big, heavy, hard backed gold mine: a fantastic source of information."

Maurice Moore - “Fab, groovy and cool.”

Steuart Kingsley-Inness (Original sixties Mod) - “Well impressed, just about covers every angle.”

David Renton “This book is brilliant! A proud addition to the ever-growing collection of books about Mods: Excellent work.”

Rebecca HawleyTony Beesley 's well researched book Sawdust Ceasars is so refreshing to not only hear the voices of different generations, but the voice of the North and that of women too. A thoroughly grounded and well informed book.”

Sean Parry - "This book shouts Style at the top of it's voice. I have read, studied and listened to all things Mod since the Sixties when "I were a Lad" [and] I have this to say about Tony Beesley 's book "Buy It"."

Gill Evans (Original sixties Mod and back cover star) - “The book is wonderful. There is so much to look at and read about, and many fab pictures.” "Thanks for getting the truth out there....good job done." - Lloyd Johnson (Original Mod)

Don Hughes (Mod author and 60's Mod) - “A beautiful piece of work. Thumbs up for embracing all aspects of Mod.“

"Incredibly informative - a classy publication. TOTALLY ESSENTIAL!!" (John Hellier – sixties Mod and friend and expert of the Small Faces)

Jason Brumell (Mod author) - “It's an absolute tour-de-force. Fantastic!!”

Sandra Hutchinson – “This is a guy writing about Mods and giving them their own voice in which to tell their own stories. Amongst some of the Mods featured in this book are some of my good friends. This book is a good account of the Mod scene, it's organic in its approach just as most sub cultures are and I was proud to have contributed to it."

"One of my fave Mod books" - Ray ‘Patriotic’ Margetson (Original 70's Mod)

Ed Horwood – “One of the most genuine grounded, accessible, honest and compelling books ever written about the Mod movement. A labour of love from start to finish for author Tony Beesley and truly deserving of all the accolades it is now receiving. For anyone with even a remote interest in youth culture and social history, this beautifully put together hard back is a must read.”

"What a great book, layout is easy to navigate, pictures are ace and the people interviewed are spot on.”

Adam Cooper (Heavy Soul magazine)

Ed Silvester - (Original 70’s Mod) “’Sawdust Caesars’ really is fantastic and deserving of all the plaudits: Loads of extremely interesting stories. Absolutely awesome!”

David Abrahams-Edley (King Mojo group) - “Well put together - a serious amount of hard work pulled off.”

Julian Leusby – “Wow, wow and… bloody wow!!!” (Chesterfield Mod)

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