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Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices

In the straight-talking razor-sharp style of Mods on their own terms, here is a fresh and vital piece to the ever-evolving Mod jigsaw. Featuring name Faces and devotees from Mod’s inception to the present day, the music, culture and changing fashions are complimented with scores of exclusive photos from the original Mod era and beyond.

Perhaps, the final analysis, ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices’ is a compulsive journey into the whole Mod phenomenon - the weekend is finally here for the new testament of Mod!

The Original Mod Voices of the book 'Sawdust Caesars' - from the late 50's Modern Jazz loving Modernists to Scene Club Mod originals, Soul and Rhythm and Blues obsessives, 1979 Mod Revivalists to Britpop, Acid Jazz fans and the Mods of the 21st century.



Author signed copies available at Amazon here

The Official promotional video for the book

Featuring the many varied voices of Mod's subculture: from it's inception to the Mods of today.

Through the interpretations of what Mod means to them, along with their individual experiences, the 450 page book, which contains 100's of rare images throughout, brings back to life the whole Mod phenomenon. Among those who are a part of this journey in print are:

Irish Jack Lyons (the young 60's Mod who it is said Pete Townshend based his Jimmy character in 'Quadrophenia' on)

John Leo Waters

Steve Austin (Cover star and original Tottenham Mod)

Gill Evans (One of the earliest Continentalist influenced Mods)

Lloyd Johnson (Early modernist)

John Hellier (the pinnacle of Small Faces knowledge and 60''s Mod)

Don Hughes (celebrated Mod author of 'Friday on My Mind', its sequel 'Pushin' and Shovin' & the 3rd in the trilogy ''The Bigger Picture: Friday On My Mind Part III')

Rob Nicholls (early period Mod)

Terry Rawlings (acclaimed writer of all themes of Mod & related in book form)

Dennis Munday (Jam associate and 60's Mod)

Paul Anderson (acclaimed author of the best selling book 'Mod the New Religion' and lifetime Mod obsessive)

Scarlett Baylis

Also; members of The Chords, Purple Hearts, Secret Affair, Back to Zero and The Lambrettas)

amidst a cast of Mod luminaries from Mod's past and present also included are devotees such as early Mods Alfredo Marcantonio, Mickey Tenner and Adrian Stern, Johnny Powell (who recalls his early Mod days with his friend Rod Stewart), Glenn Field (and his fellow Lincoln Mods of the sixties), David Middleton, Steuart Kingsley-Innes and Geoff Green (both of whom revisit their days at The Scene Club), Roger Ames, Jackie Bain, Pat Beckett, Gary Maxton, Paul Clay and various other sixties period originals.

In addition, there is a focus on the early skinhead period by Steve Bush and others, the pre-revival days of Terry Rawlings and 1979 Mods including Robert Lee, & Ed Silvester. The whole of Mod's rich history is explored.


Early Modernist, Lloyd Johnson

In the book. Loyd traces his early days in Hastings as a Modernist and the transitional period of Mod's 1966-1967 period.

Gill Evans (from Birmingham)

relives her passion for the continental style of Mod's influence and her time spent with her immaculately dressed husband, Del Evans.

Gill shares some amazing rare photos along with her experiences.

R.I.P Del Evans

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