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Days Like Tomorrow Books Recommends

Subba culture fanzine is run by Mark Hynds and continues the grass-roots tradition of punk and mod and related themed zines of the 70s and 80s. Each issue is a compelling insight into music, fashion and associated literature and includes regular interviews with musicians, authors and the creative souls out there trying to make a difference.

Each issue swiftly sells out and there has been a book collective of back issues.

Available issues and more information about the creator and other similar publications etc can be found here and at this link

Out of Time (Paul Davis)


Jools and her friends are Mods, fanatical about Sixties culture, fashion and music. All they want to do is look sharp, have a good time and dance all night. A bizarre turn of events sets them on a course where they end up on the hit list of a notorious Dublin gangster, who's determined to destroy them all. The decisions she makes could put the ones she loves the most at risk and she may have to choose who lives. Could you? Drugs. Gangsters. Music. Murder. Mods. He's out to kill. She's out of time.

Out of Time is available to purchase here 

Suave Collective Publishing is a niche publisher that aims to produce pocket-size paperbacks that can be read on a commute or a lunch-hour over the course of a week or so.

It aims to bring out the best in fiction and non-fiction in a variety of niches, but always with a style and a passion that should transcend the genres. Best of all the pocket-sized paperbacks will be pocket-friendly prices.

Popular book titles by Suave Collective include Ready Steady Girls (Jason Brummell in collaboration with Ian Snowball and Mark Baxter) My Generation (Dave Dry), Seven Day 

Fool (Jason Disley) and the site's very own Jason Brummell who published several mod-themed novels such as All or Nothing and All About My Girl.

Visit their website at this link 

Pop Versus Subterranean (Jason Disley)

Jason covers all the current major themes in ‘Pop Versus Subterranean’ – everything we have lived through and our thoughts in the last months ; the Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, the Government, reflections on love, youth, the Jazz Age, suburban life , the influence of Pop Art, the Cosmos – understanding how we need to recreate our own space – virtual, fantasy or reality.

Pop Versus Subterranean is available here or visit his website at

Also available at amazon here 

Detail magazine is dedicated to all matters modernist and is run by celebrated author, Claire Mahoney and Cris Davies.

The popular and stylish magazine and further information can be purchased at

From respected mod author, Paul Anderson comes Scorcha - due for publication this year. Following the hugely successful Mods: the New Religion and his Mod Art book, this title will be the first to comprehensively study in great detail the original skinhead and related street styles that followed on from the original sixties mod period.

Link to order is here

Terry Rawlings is a veteran of music culture based book titles starting from his much-loved Small Faces All Our Yesterdays (1981) through to his books focusing on Brian Jones, the essential Mod Beat reference book and his books on mod itself...and more.

Most of his in-print books can be purchased online at the usual outlets and also ordered from all good and reputable book stores.

A group very close to our hearts at Days Like Tomorrow Books, this amazing colossal hardback document of the Style Council - as told by their fans and associates - not surprisingly quickly sold out. Created by Stuart Deabill, Ian Snowball and Steve Rowland, the book has to be seen to be believed!

The good news is that those who unfortunately missed out on the must-have book of 2021 will soon be getting another chance when it is published in paperback form sometime this summer.

No direct sales link, as yet, but bookmark the site link for future reference and don't miss out this time.

Go and make your confessions with the greatest of pop groups here  

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