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Mojo Talkin' - Under the Influence of Mod The 514 page epic-sized hardback book


Mojo Talkin' - Under the Influence of Mod

Complementing the critically acclaimed ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices’, here is a new and refreshing insight into the history of Mod

With a core theme of Mod’s distinct influence and documenting a multitude of related areas, this is a captivating and compelling study of the most relevant and influential youth-led phenomenon since the dawn of popular culture.

Stylish, precise, intensely researched and as fast-paced, diverse and visual as the subject matter itself, ‘Mojo Talkin’ is the authentic voice of Mod evolving across the decades.

This heavy large-sized 514 page hardback book chronicles the various eclectic influences relative to the subculture of Mod.

With large sections on early Mod inspirations, Mod on Screen, the influences and creativity of Mod Girls, record collecting and the Politics of Mod alongside the importance of the DJ, Art, musicians, Literature and more ... 'Mojo Talkin' is destined to explore and expand the whole map of Mod related subjects.

Go to signed books page on this site to purchase signed copies of 'Mojo Talkin'

The first 450 page volume 'Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices' is available signed and fast delivery here and also at amazon

Mojo Talkin' Readers of the World Unite

Gabriela Giacoman of French Boutique

A really great piece of work. (Andrea Teranvm: Spain)

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