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                          INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHING SINCE 2009

Friday on My Mind by Don Hughes - LTD AUTHOR-SIGNED EDITION LTD stock available for this soon-to-be-out-of-print book. UK ONLY POSTING: IF EUROPE OR OVERSEAS PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS Brand new copies of the acclaimed book by celebrated mod author, Don Hughes. This is volume one on Don Hughes mod related trilogy. The other 2 volumes can also be ordered on this site. All EU countrys: books will be shipped out in due course as normal procedure and under the understanding that if any additional custom fees and similar are required on arrival, these said fees are not the responsibility of the publisher, Days Like Tomorrow Books. We cannot predict or assume any form of responsibility for any issues, costs and returns process that may occur and all suchlike are out of our duristriction. Please only make your order if this is completely acceptable. Synopsis: The Mods were undoubtedly the first real multi-culturalists, combining Jamaican ska, US soul, British beat, Pop Art graphics, French design and Italian suits and scooters into a sensational style explosion that still reverberates today. Academics, professional writers designers and photographers have all chronicled Mod in a thousand books and articles. Now, for the first time, a working class insider spills the beans on what it was like in the eye of the style storm. A time and a place when a Vespa SS could take you to the center of everything, to see The Who or The Birds - or to chat with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Steve Marriott's Small Faces, John Stephen and Eric Clapton. Complete with unseen photos, rare graphics and authentic diary extracts, Don Hughes' Friday On My Mind is more than just another sixties curio, It is a stunningly original front-line dispatch from the style wars that shaped the look, and morals , of modern society.

Friday on My Mind by Don Hughes LTD SIGNED EDITION

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