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                          INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHING SINCE 2009

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order for the forthcoming paperback book title 'All That Matters is the Music'. The book will be published sometime in 2023 and all pre-orders will be posted out as soon as book is in print: wherever possible paid-for pre-orders will be the first to be sent out and received before offical publication date [at present not yet announced]. UK ONLY POSTING: IF EUROPE OR OVERSEAS PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS All That Matters is the Music book synopsis: Celebrated contemporary soul artist, Carlton Jumel Smith is a joyous inspiration to music lovers worldwide. His infectious and charismatic personality fuels his music with a passion that pays respectful homage to his musical heroes whilst staking his place within 21st century popular music. Carlton’s ‘New Dictionary of Soul’ will enthrall and impress the reader with his series of life-defining stories of the soul greats – including the likes of James Brown , Al Green and Bobby Womack . Humour-packed, moving and laced with Carlton’s unmistakable style – this is an unforgettable and entertaining essay from the front row of soul… ........................................ ........................................ Cover image shown is not the final book cover intended for publication: this illustration is for pre-order promotional purposes only. If your country destination is not shown, please contact us for further details. All EU countrys: books will be shipped out in due course as normal procedure and under the understanding that if any additional custom fees and similar are required on arrival, these said fees are not the responsibility of the publisher, Days Like Tomorrow Books. We cannot predict or assume any form of responsibility for any issues, costs and returns process that may occur and all suchlike are out of our duristriction. Please only make your order if this is completely acceptable

PRE-ORDER: All That Matters is the Music (Carlton Jumel Smith)

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