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                          INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHING SINCE 2009

Through Onyx Voids: Gothic Poetry & Punk Memoirs (Adrian Francis Fox) This is a unique part 1976-1977 Punk Memoir,   part Gothic-themed poetry and part photoghraphic book title (Along with  various punk era photos of Adrian, included are a selection of his personal photo archive: the likes of which are included  - The Adverts, The Nips, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cortinas, Eater, The Jam, X-Ray Spex and more - some of which were taken at the Roxy Club in early 1977). Adian's poetry is dark, reflective, deep and thought-provoking as he expresses his feelings with open honesty, but evokes a powerful message to us all - to value and make the most of our lives and all of those within it.Contains a large selection of Adrian's poignant and compelling poetry that is complemented with eight chapters of his Punk transformation and early Roxy Club, Vortex etc. memories. 24 pages of exclusive rare photos, most of which are previously unpublished and unseen elsewhere are included.Book Synopsis:Adrian Francis Fox  was an original 1976 period punk rocker and one-time drummer for Shane McGowan’s early punk band T he Nipple Erectors . He is also a gifted poet with a penchant for instilling empathic understanding, hope and clarity within what could be a somber epitaph to the finality of life – vividly illustrating the corrupt injustice of the modern age along the way. Adrian has terminal cancer.Armed with 'eyes of death', Adrian Francis Fox takes the reader through his whole Journey: his poetry boldly stripping away the layers of humanity, whilst surprisingly uplifting the reader with a self- awareness of their own power and the validity of their existence, as human beings.Accompanied by a series of Adrian’s early punk memories - from the summer of 76 and the high-tide of The Roxy Clu b to his ultimate disillusionment with punk, alongside a selection of front-line Polaroid photo shots - THROUGH ONYX VOIDS  will both captivate and inspire the reader; reaffirming the importance of life and how we view our surroundings.Paperback book.PLEASE NOTE:USA, OVERSEAS  and EUROPE ORDERS: Customs fees may be applicable upon receipt of your book and we the publishers (Days Like Tomorrow Books) are not responsible for any such costs and related fees following posting of your book. Refunds will not be offered for any returned book that has not met its customs payment requirements. USA and all non-Europe orders will be posted usiing ECONOMY SHIPPING. Please only purchase if this is acceptable and agreeable.

Through Onyx Voids: Goth Poetry & Punk Memoirs (Adrian Francis Fox)

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