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SALE: Outside View: the Secret Life of a Teenage Punk Rocker by Andy Blade

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Outside View: the Secret Life of a Teenage Punk Rocker Andy Blade

Positively reviewed by Vive Le Rock , Classic Rock magazines, included within an extensive Shindig magazine feature and endorsed by Billy Duffy of The Cult. (pictured with his copy of the book)

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A 250 page hardback book, this is a large harback format and revised, revamped, expanded with a new design and photos inserted biography from Andy Blade. 

Covering the pre-punk years of Andy Blade's music and personal experiences, the formation, rise and fall of the youngest punk band, Eater, alongside the whole original punk era and beyond, this book includes inside stories on the whole burgeoning UK punk scene with exclusive photos of the era. 

Features early Sex Pistols , Clash etc. gig accounts, meetings and anecdotes relating to most of the early punk bands and followers and inside experiences on the behind the scenes punk movement.

Book synopsis:

"Controversial, incisive & brutally honest – Outside View is original punk stalwart, Andy Blade ’s inside view of a turbulent & raucous rock ‘n’ roll life. Chronicling his formative early years as a naive & inquisitive child of the early 70s & colliding in perfect timing with the advent of punk & his days with punk band, Eater & beyond, this is a no-holds barred highly personal account of life on the front line of music behind the scenes.

Explosive, darkly comic in places, scathingly observant & never flinching in telling it how it was, Outside View is both refreshing & illuminating in its delivery & style: evoking a life of sex, drugs & ripped ‘n torn rock ‘n’ roll with a vigour previously untapped. From Sparks & Be Bop Deluxe obsessions & schoolboy adventures to hanging out at punk Mecca, The Roxy … the highs & lows of a secret punk rock life speed by in an amphetamine blaze of euphoria, fun & the inevitable come down!"

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