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SALE Pushin' & Shovin' - Friday on My Mind Part II 2nd EDITION

£9.99 £14.99

Pushin' & Shovin' - Friday on My Mind Part II 2nd EDITION

Brand new  edition of the second volume in Don Hughe's mod trilogy.

UK POSTING IS £4.95 each book: if experience any issues with choosing your country destination for posting during checkout, please contact us to look into this and sort.


In Pushin' & Shovin' , Don Hughes concludes his experiences as a mod during the 1960s and follows on with an autobiographical journey through the ensuing years of highs, lows, musical epiphanies and personal demons. From mods and early skinheads to hippies, pub rock and a collison with punk rock at a seminal Sex Pistols gig in April 1976, Don's story is told with brutal honesty, self-depreciation, humour and character throughout. A rewarding insight into the 'what happened next' period of a mod who simply could not give up the ghost of wishing to belong; and who ultimately - via a series of definitive life events - found that personal belonging ranks the highest.

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