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Webstore: Products For Sale

Ignore Alien Orders - On Parole with The Clash (Tony Beesley & Anthony Davie)


Ignore Alien Orders - On Parole with The Clash (Tony Beesley & Anthony Davie) 

EXTREMELY LTD STOCK of the 1st edition hardback now left in stock.

A potential future Clash collector's item.
Invest in a signed 1st edition hardback now.

Signed by the author, Tony Beesley

'What a fantastic read, very humbling to hear and feel the love!' (Topper Headon)

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“Ignore Alien Orders has achieved the near impossible: it will satiate the thirst of the most committed Clash City Rocker, but it’s also a perfect entry point for those who wonder what all the fuss was about.” (Louder Than War review)

"...insightful exploration of the Clash's mark on music history. From personal meetings with band members to a string of live concerts, and on to the feelings evoked by purchasing the band's records, Beesley invigorates the tingly feeling you get when you're buzzing about a band and just can't get enough." (Vive Le Rock magazine review)

“Without a doubt, this is a book that is simply indispensable to all Clash fans. Amazing achievement to have put this together. A work of art. Every real Clash fan should have this.” (Robin Banks: lifetime friend of Mick Jones)

  “This is a mighty tome filled with memories and anecdotes by friends and fans of the Clash and tons of previously unpublished photos. Well Done to Tony Beesley for this labour of love.” Cathy Cooper (friend of Woody /Joe Strummer)

“A touch of nostalgia, yes, but with proper depth and substance and plenty to draw you in, not least through lots of seldom seen photographs and the accounts of those who were actually there, either out front or joining the band backstage or between live engagements.” (Malcolm Wyatt: This Day in Music's Guide to The Clash, WriteWyattUK, Lancashire Post.)


304 page hardback book.


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Ignore Alien Orders Synopsis:

Much has been written about The Clash and their massive impact across the world; yet, in comparison, little has been documented in print from the personal perspective of their fans. ‘Ignore Alien Orders ’ is the very first Clash fan’s anthology in print to extensively readdress this; offering a brand new documentation of the profound and life-changing influence this very special rock ‘n roll band have had upon a gathering of fans worldwide. A detailed and meticulously presented 304 page hardback collective of Clash memories , ‘ Ignore Alien Orders ’ pays a respectful homage to the often collated Clash scrapbooks so many of us indulged in back in the late 1970s and beyond.

From memorable meetings with Clash members and the reciting of seminal Clash live outings to those first Clash record purchases rare and unseen photos sit beside Clash memorabilia and posters all helping to keep alive the legacy and spirit of the Clash for years to come. The future is unwritten, but the unbinding love and appreciation of ‘the only band that matters’ is sealed forever within these pages.

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